The New Year Bring New Changes

The New Year Bring New Changes

The month of December brings up a lot of talk about setting goals, and planning for the new year. The “new year, new me” thing can get thrown out the window pretty quickly if you’re not focused on what you’re really trying to change or accomplish. How many times have you set goals, yet not achieve more than 1-2 before the end of the year? How many times have you stated this will be my year? It’s time to change your mindset.

People set “new years resolutions” that they tend to forget about towards the end of January (maybe February if you’re lucky). We don’t wake up in a completely different world where you instantly become the best version of yourself, changing your mindset takes time. 

The feeling like you can do anything you set you mind to feels so good in the beginning. But with focus, determination, a plan, and God, you can do all things. So how do you keep that fresh new years feeling going all year long and stay focused on your goals?

First, you should totally have big goals, but create small goals that lead to the ultimate big goal. That way you can began to reward yourself for every step you take! Next, don’t set goals that you’re not excited to achieve! Set goals that you are excited about, not goals that you think you should set because everyone else is or because everyone else expects you to! This is should be about you and what makes you happy! Last but not least, do weekly or monthly check ins with yourself regarding the progress you’ve made on your goals. Make sure you are still on track. Grab an accountability partner to ensure you have someone to come begin you. Guess what, you can do it! Set your mind to start today! 

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